Work Day!

Don’t forget to put on your calendar next Saturday, September 29! We will be meeting at 9:30 to stack the benches in the tabernacle. Spread the word!

Happy Birthday Lenore and Thank you for all you do

How fitting that we can honor our HCC Camp Director on her birthday. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lenore Spaich. This wonderful woman of God has been serving at Highlander for many years. If you are blessed to know Lenore, you know that she is a woman after God’s heart. She is kind, gentle but firm, wise and loving. Lenore began serving at Highlander at an early age and the camping ministry here has always been close to her heart. As HCC Director, she serves hundreds of hours behind the scenes working to ensure that our camp continues in its ministry role in the church and community. It is difficult to find a photo of Lenore as she prefers to be “behind the scenes”. But, as the saying goes, “Behind every successful man there is a woman” and in our case at HCC, “Behind our successful camping ministry is a woman who passionately loves God and seeks to know his heart as she leads this ministry that can point others to Him through the experience of Christian Camp.” Please share with me in showing your love and appreciation to Lenore. We love you Lenore…

HCC Updates

  1.  The restrooms and shower house on the hill will be closed as of this week.  The restrooms in the dining hall will continue to be available until the camp closes for the winter.
  2. There will be a big important workday on Saturday, September 29th.  We will be stacking the benches in the tabernacle in preparation for winter. Please plan to attend.